Weddings are a part of the worship life of Dauphin Way United Methodist Church. The marriage covenant is a worship service in which two people join their lives together and establish a Christian home. Those seeking to be married in Dauphin Way United Methodist Church by a pastor are asking specifically for a Christian marriage and are expressing their intention to be a part of the Christian community after their wedding.

The pastors and staff wish to extend to you every possible assistance. Carefully study the church's official policies and procedures. It is our intent to conduct your wedding ceremony with the greatest respect for you and our church.


A member wedding can be tentatively scheduled but cannot be confirmed until the bride has met with the wedding coordinator and all forms and fees have been returned to the pastoral office. The exact hour and location of the wedding will also need to be determined and checked against the church calendar.

A pastor from Dauphin Way United Methodist Church will perform the wedding. If a specific pastor is desired to perform the wedding service, the pastor's calendar will also need to be checked and confirmed. If another pastor is desired to assist, the presiding Dauphin Way Pastor will contact and invite that pastor. The name and contact information should be given to the pastoral secretary.

Members of Dauphin Way may reserve facilities as far in advance as they wish. A member wedding is designated by the bride, groom or parents being a member of Dauphin Way United Methodist Church.

A non-member's wedding may be scheduled not more than 120 days prior to the ceremony in order to permit members of the church to have a preference of dates. Appointments must be made with the wedding coordinator and organist and all forms & fees must be turned into the pastor’s office before your wedding date is reserved.

No date should be announced until the pastoral confirmation has been made and the reservation sheet and wedding fee returned to the pastor's office.

Often more than one wedding occurs at Dauphin Way. Weddings are scheduled to allow at least a four hour time period between Sanctuary weddings and a three hour time period between Chapel weddings. Weddings may not be scheduled in the Sanctuary and the Chapel during the same hour.

No weddings, rehearsals, or wedding receptions may be scheduled on the following days:

a) Sundays
b) Holy Week
c) New Year's Day
d) Memorial Day
e) Independence Day
f) Labor Day
g) Thanksgiving and the weekend following
h) Christmas Eve
i) December wedding are subject to church availability

Rehearsals should begin no later than 6:00 p.m. the day prior to the wedding. Weddings may not be scheduled later than 7:00 p.m.
For weddings, two areas of the church are available. Seating capacities are as follows: Sanctuary - 900; Chapel - 200.
Photos Courtesy of Jeff Tesney
Seating - 900
Seating - 200

Receptions may be held in the following places: McGowin Hall, or in the Bell Courtyard. Facilities will be provided for the bride and groom to dress at the church, if desired.


There is no charge to members for use of the sanctuary or chapel. However, there is a fee to cover services and utilities. These fees are:
Counseling Fee$ 0
Wedding Director$ 250
Church Organist$ 250*
Janitorial$ 100
Utilities$ 200
Total$ 800

Pastor's honorarium is not included in the above fees.

* Fee includes one consultation with organist, rehearsal, and the wedding. A fee of $25 is charged for each additional consultation or rehearsal.

In addition to the previous $800 fee to cover services, the following additional fees are required from non-members:

Totals for non-members:
Sanctuary plus Pastor$800
Chapel plus Pastor$900

Reservations for a non-member wedding can not be confirmed until 120 days prior to the wedding date. Fees for the use of the building are to be paid at the time of the reservation. No dates are confirmed until the wedding reservation sheets and the fees are received. In the event of a cancellation prior to 30 days before the wedding date, all fees will be refunded with the exception of a $100.00 administrative fee. Fees will not be refunded when the cancellation is less than 30 days prior to the wedding date.

One of the pastors of Dauphin Way United Methodist Church will officiate at all wedding services. A pastor of another congregation may assist upon invitation by the officiating pastor. Pastors should coordinate the use of robes and stoles. Pastors of other churches are welcome to use our robes and stoles when assisting in a service if that would be of help.

Not less than 120 days prior to the wedding, couples should schedule an appointment with the officiating pastor on the Dauphin Way staff. At this time, the pastor will explain the pre-marital counseling requirement at Dauphin Way.

Within 30 days of the wedding, couples should schedule a final appointment with the officiating pastor to discuss the wedding service.


Three pre-marital counseling sessions are required to help couples find the strengths of their relationship and to coach them forward in the areas of growth. Two sessions will be with Dauphin Way’s licensed counselor and the final sessions will be with the pastor who will perform the wedding ceremony. These three counseling sessions are covered in the wedding fee. Any further sessions may be arranged with your therapist. Counseling sessions are scheduled through the pastoral secretary.


Our Wedding Director is required for all weddings. In cooperation with the officiating pastor, the director will conduct the rehearsal and will also assist the pastor and the wedding party in the process of the ceremony. A pre-wedding consultation must be scheduled regarding the rehearsal and the wedding.

An initial meeting with the wedding coordinator must be scheduled before a tentative wedding date may be placed on the calendar.


Because of the importance of music at a worship service, the organist or music director should be consulted early in the wedding planning process. The music that is sung or played has great power to reflect the Christian joy of this event. The organist or music director will provide guidance in the selection of appropriate music for the wedding service.

Hymns are an excellent means of providing a congregational response to the marriage covenant ceremony. Vocal soloists and instrumentalists may also be included.

Secular songs are not appropriate for a service of worship. These may be acceptable and meaningful for rehearsal dinners or receptions. Any questions concerning appropriate music should be directed to the Associate Director of Music Ministries.

The pre-wedding consultation with the organist should be scheduled a minimum of two months in advance. If there are instrumentalists to be involved, they should be hired at least three to four months in advance. The church organist will assist in hiring these. At the consultation, music will be selected, including processionals, recessional, hymns and solos.

The organist of this church will be the organist for all weddings. The organist provides one consultation to select music, the wedding rehearsal, and the wedding. An additional fee of $25 will be charged for each additional consultation or rehearsal.

Soloists and instrumentalists should be trained and experienced. A rehearsal is required prior to the day of the service. The soloist or instrumentalist should have the music prepared prior to the rehearsal.


The rehearsal will take place the day prior to the wedding. The bride and groom should insist that all members of the wedding party be prompt. It is suggested that the wedding party arrive one-half hour earlier. All members of the wedding party, ushers, and both sets of parents should be present. The rehearsal should begin no later than 6 p.m. Members of the wedding party are reminded throughout the entire rehearsal they are in a holy place dedicated to God and are expected to act and dress appropriately.

The Wedding Director and the pastor will be in charge of the rehearsal and wedding.

The marriage license should be delivered to the pastor at or before the rehearsal.


No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the church property (including parking lot). Any person who is in possession or under the influence of either will not be permitted to participate in the rehearsal or the Service of Christian Marriage. This policy is strictly enforced.


Our sanctuary and chapel are rooms of great natural beauty and dignity. Few decorations for a wedding are necessary. Simple decorations will emphasize the natural beauty of either room. We request that the following policies should be observed:
1. Altar Flowers
a) Fresh floral arrangements can be placed on each side of the altar itself or on the adjacent pedestals. The altar vases or urns may be used.
b) You may also place fresh flowers or greenery up to 42 inches high on the altar beneath the cross and candles located there.
c) If your wedding takes place on Saturday in the Sanctuary we request that altar flowers be left in place until after Sunday morning worship services. Chapel flowers can be moved to the sanctuary for Sunday services at the request of the bride. A notation will be made in the bulletin that the flowers are from your wedding, and if you wish to dedicate them in honor or memory of someone, please advise the wedding coordinator so that information can also be printed.
d) A prie-dieu is provided by the church.
2. Candles
a) Candelabra or candle trees may be placed on either side of the altar. Please protect floors under candles from candle wax and marring with plastic coverings.
b) Liturgical candles for altar candle holders will be furnished by the church. Candles will be lit twenty minutes prior to the service.
c) Candles may be placed in windows if they are covered by hurricane globes. Greenery and/or flowers can be placed around the hurricanes.
d) Mobile Fire Code restricts the use of candles in other areas.
3. Other Flowers
a) Flowers or bows may be helpful to designate family pews. Your florist should provide clips or bands to attach these without damage to the pew.
b) Flowers on the Sanctuary doors (attach with wreath hangers) or an arrangement in the narthex may be used to provide a welcome to your guests.
c) Our policy suggests that flower girls should carry baskets of flowers or small bouquets. Since no aisle runner is used, we ask that no flowers be dropped onto the floor.
d) Any other flowers or decorations are subject to the approval of the wedding coordinator. All decorations except altar flowers should be removed immediately following the ceremony, and all church properties should be left in their original conditions.

Flowers are to be delivered no earlier than five hours prior to the wedding. On the day of the wedding the delivery florist may call: 251.229.5059 (Sandra Travis) or 251.454.3409 (Roy Loper) to obtain entrance to the building.


We desire that you have the best possible pictorial or video record of your wedding. The bride is requested to review carefully these policies and present a copy to the photographer or video operator.

a) Cameras with flash attachments are not allowed in the Sanctuary or Chapel thirty minutes prior to the wedding or earlier than the dismissal by the minister. The photographer may take pictures before or after the ceremony in any part of the building. No pictures may be made during the ceremony except time exposures from the balcony of Sanctuary or rear of the Chapel, providing there is no noise or distraction. The bridal party may reassemble following the ceremony for pictures.
b) Video taping of weddings is permitted from the balcony or outside rear chancel door of the Sanctuary, or rear or side of the Chapel. No auxiliary lighting may be used. Please confer with the Wedding Director concerning placement of cameras. No equipment may be attached to any railing, prie-dieu or carpeting.

c) Photographers and video operators are restricted from standing on furniture or placing equipment on any furniture that would cause damage. The photographer or video operator will be held responsible for any damage.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the photographer or video operator not being allowed to perform further services at Dauphin Way United Methodist Church.

Our policy recommends that flowers girls and ring bearers should be at least four years old.


A room for the bride and her attendants is located beneath the narthex of the sanctuary. This may be used for dressing and/or gathering prior to the wedding service. A room for the groom and his groomsmen is located beneath the sanctuary (SB101). The groom and his groomsmen may use this to gather and can be used to dress if needed. All items should be removed from both rooms no later than two hours following the service. Light refreshments may be served. The wedding party is responsible for the cleanup.

If the wedding dress is to be delivered to the church, it is to be delivered on the day of the wedding and not prior to that time. The church will not be held responsible for the dress while it is in the church facilities. Please discuss this with the wedding coordinator.

The church will not be held responsible for any personal items, reception items, or wedding items lost, stolen or damaged. It is suggested that someone be assigned responsibility for such items.


An order of worship may be used for the service. The family will be responsible for preparation and printing of this order. It is suggested to use the outline of the service which is found in this booklet. A proof should be brought to the church office prior to printing for proofing.

The Reception Coordinator shall coordinate plans for all wedding receptions at the church. The caterer should contact her concerning plans and facility needs. She will be at the church during the reception.


Church facilities are available for wedding receptions for church members only. Extra fees are required to cover the expense of this use. The reception must be scheduled when the wedding date is confirmed.

The Reception Coordinator or the Kitchen Assistant, and a Housekeeper are required to be present for the reception. Arrangements must be made through our Reception Coordinator before it can be placed on the calendar.

The church can provide 6ft., 8ft. or 72 in. round tables. A licensed caterer should be used and provide a copy of the license and Food Handler's Permit from the Board of Health at least 30 days prior to reception. The caterer must furnish all food, drinks, serving dishes, utensils, and table linens. No food will be available from our kitchen. Any persons handling food in the kitchen facilities must have a Food Handlers' permit from the Board of Health. Kitchen staff will wipe down counters and mop floor, otherwise the kitchen should be left in the condition it is found.

Three hours of staff time are included in the rental of McGowin Hall. Hours required beyond the 3 will accrue at $50 per hour.
All receptions shall strictly observe the following:

1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.
2. No smoking is permitted in the church building.
3. No rice, bird seed, or confetti is permitted during the wedding celebration.
4. Saturday night weddings and receptions must conclude by 10 pm.
The two areas available for receptions are:
McGowin Hall 400 capacity
Courtyard 100 capacity

McGowin Hall $ 500
Courtyard $200

These fees include the Reception Coordinator, janitorial services and kitchen staff. Contact Marsha Mcgehee at for any questions about receptions.


164 Come, My Way, My Truth
408 Gift of Love
100 God, Whose Love Is Reigning O'er Us
89 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
549 Where Charity and Love Prevail
566 Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love
62 All Creatures of Our God and King
645 O Perfect Love
643 When Love is Found

An Order of Worship may be used for the service. The family will be responsible for preparation and printing of this order. It is suggested to use the outline found in this booklet.


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