Prayer Garden & Columbarium

Allowing members to choose the sanctity of their church asColumbarium an enduring place of rest, holding true to our Christian heritage

Columbarium in early Rome meant, simply, a nesting place for doves. When Christians, relegated to Rome's catacombs, began using cliff-side niches to seal away ashes of the faithful who died, the term "Columbarium" took on its present meaning: sacred compartments for storage of cremated remains. 

In a return to church tradition, our Columbarium provides members of the Church and their families the opportunity to choose the shadow of the church, which has been central to their lives, as their final resting place. Located on the north side of the campus between the Sanctuary, Chapel, and the Education Building, our Columbarium is a place of beauty and dignity where friends and family can visit and meditate at any time.

The Prayer Garden & Columbarium enables you to memorialize a loved one who is buried or interred at another location. You may purchase a memorial plaque to honor them. 

For more information on The Columbarium, please contact Harold Williamson, Church Administrator at 251-378-7539 or

Columbarium Manual of Operations