Visiting us for the first time?

Look for these, and you’re in the right spot!

At Dauphin Way, it depends on the service! In contemporary worship, members tend to dress more comfortably, such as jeans, though there are some that do dress up, whether that’s a suit or a dress! In traditional worship services, members lean more toward the dressy side. Regardless of the service, you are welcome in anything presentable!

We offer Children’s Church! During each 10:30 AM service, children will be called up to go as a group to our education building, and you can pick them up there afterwards. You can also keep them in service, if you’d prefer. If you are attending Sunday school at 9:15 AM, there is children’s Sunday school available as well, where you can drop them off, and they will stay until after Children’s Church.

We have three parking lots to choose from! We are located on Dauphin St., between Catherine St. and Lee St., and when you put in maps on your phone, it will likely direct you to the parking lot located at the rear of the church, off of Catherine St., however that lot also fills up the fastest. In that event, there are two other parking lots to utilize. One is located on Lee St., right next to the church, and the other is what is known to most as the “Pumpkin Patch,” located diagonally across Dauphin St. and Catherine St. from the church!

Just about anyone! Our members have a warm, welcome manner to them, especially on Sunday mornings! If you are hesitant, though, look for this woman! Karen Smith is our Director of Servant Ministries and Hospitality. If you’d like, you can give her a call or send her an email before you come, and she will do her best to accommodate you and will undoubtedly make you feel welcome. Her email is