Sunday Evening Studies

Beginning Sunday, February 2 and continuing through March 29, 2020

How to Read the Bible

This study will examine the history of scripture and the distinctive types of writings (e.g. poetry, history, law, gospel) within it. How to Read the Bible truly has something for everyone. Whether you are brand new to reading the Bible, or have read these sacred texts your entire life, there will be something new to discover. All are welcome, and no previous knowledge of Biblical study is necessary! Join us as we learn how to better engage with the most important book in Christianity.

This study is created and led by Rev. Woods Lisenby and will meet on Sunday evening at 5:00 PM in McDavid Library.

Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount follows Jesus’ most famous sermon and is co-written by one of our very own church members, who will also be leading the class. According to her website, Create Space, “people are busier these days. Life is hectic. We’ve forgotten how to leave margin in our schedules, and so we fail to notice God’s Presence working in our lives.”

Join Vanessa Reyner as she leads on Sunday evening at 5:00 PM in the Family Life Room.

Companions in Christ

Companions in Christ offers a powerfully transforming small-group experience in opening yourself to God’s presence and guidance. Explore classic spiritual practices, and develop new daily patterns that will open your life to a deepening relationship with God and with your group. Overall, it’s a rich, imaginative opportunity to new discovery!

This study is led by Rev. Kathy Jorgensen and will meet on Sunday evening at 5:00 PM in Dill Parlor.

Sunday School Hour 9:30 am

Sunday school is a great place to live in community with each other! We have a variety of classes that are structured to group you with other people who are walking your same path. We hope you are not overwhelmed by these choices, rather that you are able to find your perfect fit! You are invited to experience life-giving community alongside your peers through Sunday morning fellowship.

We are a traditional Sunday School class of older adults who believe Christian education is a life-long pursuit and a faith journey that never ends. The class utilizes an approved Methodist curriculum reinforced by the life experiences of our members. We are also a fun-loving, diverse group. Some are retired, some still work every day, and we disagree on a variety of subjects, from football teams to politics and the environment. Our overarching principle is to make everyone feel welcome.

We hope that you will join us on Sunday mornings, but be warned, our visitors usually become members!

We began as the Bill Doty Group of 30-somethings, and we have matured together through the years. Currently, our class is made up of older adults, married and single, and taught by several teachers on a rotating basis. We use the Adult Bible Studies curriculum, a quarterly study presenting stimulating lessons exploring the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life. We enjoy getting together socially for lunch and other activities, and support various ministries in the community and beyond.

We welcome you to join us any Sunday!

This class of women enjoy reading, studying and comparing the theology and writing of various authors. We are centered around stimulating discussions of the topics we study, and members take turns leading the class. In addition to our Sunday morning class, we enjoy social activities together, such as seeing movies or having meals.

We invite our seeker friends to join us for thought-provoking discussion and encouragement for growing in faith.

Dauphin Way 101 is a three-week class that is perfect for someone who is new to Dauphin Way or the Methodist religion, or for anyone who would like a refresher course. During this class, participants will receive an introduction to Dauphin Way, the Christian faith and the United Methodist Church.

Following Dauphin Way 101 is Dauphin Way 201 a three-week class that will help you find ways to plug in to the Dauphin Way community. In this class, participants will guide you to discover where God is calling you to serve, which will help you get connected within the church.

Our name is a wonderful description of how we see ourselves – Growing in Faith Together! We range in age from middle to older adults, and we enjoy interesting discussions that cause us to think about our faith and challenge us to grow spiritually. Our curriculum includes various topical studies as well as bible study – always with a focus on applying what we learn in our daily lives.

We always welcome visitors and hope that you will Grow in your Faith with us!

The Fellowship Class includes mostly married couples in their 30s and 40s with children. We discuss Bible-based curriculum, alternating between topical and scriptural studies. We enjoy meeting together as we strive to grow spiritually.

We would love to have you join us!

This heavily discussion-based class is comprised of adults of all ages. The teaching team rotates weekly among class members. Scriptural studies, theological studies, as well as studies of current events from a perspective of faith provide the foundation for study and discussion during class each week. This class frequently tackles the difficult issues of faith with open minds and open hearts.

We welcome new members in the same way – with open minds and open hearts!

Need to connect? Join Elizabeth and Bobby Percy with co-facilitators Fran and Randy Lyons in the launch of this new Sunday School class. Covenant’s first study will feature The Bad Boys of Easter. Come explore how three men refused to abandon their quest for control and surrender to the Savior of the world.

Our class primarily includes young adults in their 20s, 30s and early 40s. We are open to singles and married couples with and without children. We dive into scripture through relevant and current study material in addition to discussion on timely issues and topics. Outside of class, we enjoy getting together for social functions and service projects.