The mission of the United Methodist Dumas Wesley Community Center is to provide a place to find support in Mobile, Alabama. Through a variety of service activities directed toward the benefit of men, women, youth, and children, we work towards strengthening family life. Volunteers seek to be responsive to expressed needs and to develop leadership and responsibility in the neighborhood and community. The center offers opportunities for growth in understanding the will and unconditional love of God.

The Sybil. H. Smith Family Village transitional housing program seeks to help homeless families establish and maintain self-sufficiency. The program combines transitional housing for up to 24 months with on-site support services; as well as, referrals to the community agencies and institutions. Through the year, groups within the church are made aware of the ongoing needs of Dumas Wesley. In addition, the church supports this ministry financially each year. We also have DWUMC members who are Dumas Wesley Trustees. If you would like to support this ministry, email us here.