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Our goal is to create a sustainable Small Group ministry that will continue far into the future. In addition to the Small Groups, we will offer the same subject material in a class format. During Lent, Rev. Kathy and I will teach from the book Entering the Passion of Jesus by Amy Jill-Levine. This book is the same one that will guide our sermons throughout the season of Lent.

Over the coming months, we will also be adding other pieces back to our Adult Discipleship offerings. Beginning in March, we will start our Dauphin Way 101 class again. We will offer this three-week class each month, starting on the second Sunday of the month. We will also invite anyone who has participated in the study to join the church on the fourth Sunday of every month – these will be our “Membership Sundays.” Throughout the year, we also plan on teaching subsequent courses in the Dauphin Way Education Series. These classes will be DW 201, 301, and 401. Each class will cover various aspects of our Christian beliefs and what unique things set us apart as United Methodists.

The new year is always a time full of possibility and excitement. I believe we have much to be grateful for and much for which we ought to be excited!

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Woods Bradshaw Lisenby

Search through the list of groups to find one that works for you. Or feel free to contact Rev. Dr. Woods Bradshaw Lisenby.