Dauphin Way 101 is a four-week class that helps us learn what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be a United Methodist, two to join the church, and the various ways to get connected in discipleship and mission opportunities.

A new session of Dauphin Way 101 will be starting soon, be sure to check your bulletin for full details about how to join us!

The Pathway is the intentional roadmap for Christian discipleship. Rooted in Wesley’s understanding about the trifold nature of grace, The Pathway is a clearly laid out journey taking persons from a place of not belonging to a faith community all the way through learning how to “make the kingdom of God known on earth as it is in heaven.”

Connect– There are a number of ways to connect with Dauphin Way. We offer weekly Worship Service, Life Groups, Sunday school, Bible Studies, Child and Youth Programming, and countless ways to serve the community!

Commit– Committing to the church means covenanting with the people of Dauphin Way to give to the church through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our witness, and our service.

Grow– Growth takes place through all of our incredible discipleship ministries, such as: children’s ministry, youth ministry, Sunday schools, Life Groups, Supper Clubs, prayer groups and much more!

Serve– One of God’s callings on all Christians is to help make the Kingdom of God known on earth as it is in heaven. Dauphin Way offers countless opportunities to serve God in the church, the local community and around the world.