Dauphin Way UMC During COVID-19 Outbreak

We know this is a time full of uncertainty and disruption. As your church, we want to do all we can to provide comfort and encouragement during this season. Below you will find several resources to help you know more about what we, as a church, are doing during over the coming weeks. 


Worship Updates

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Programming Updates

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How To Serve

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Need Help?

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Communication During This Season

We recognize that not all members of the Dauphin Way UMC community receive communications in the same manner, therefore, we will work to make sure all information is communicated through as many platforms as possible.

For routine information and reference:

• Visit the church’s website (dauphinwayumc.org) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ dauphinwayumc/) for current information related to programming and ministry at Dauphin Way UMC.

• We will update our church answering machine (251-471-1511) with daily updates concerning our programs and ministries.

For important, but not urgent, updates:

• In addition to the website, Facebook, and answering machine, we will use the following means to share information that is important but not urgent.

• Email: For example, we will send a church-wide email several days in advance of resuming regular programs and ministries

Important and urgent updates:

• For information that is time-sensitive or information that will impact the entire church in a significant way, we will use all of the means listed above, and we will also make use of text messages and pre-recorded voice messages.

• Text Message – We will send these text messages to all active cell phone numbers listed in our Shelby Database.

• On Monday, March 23, we will email instructions on updating your information in the Shelby Database. Please make sure your cell phone is listed under “cell” (and not under “Home,” “Work,” etc.)

• Pre-Recorded Phone Calls – If you cannot receive voice or text messages, you can receive pre-recorded phone calls with information about significant updates. This form of communication is opt-in only, and we ask that you choose this option only if you do not use email, social media, text messages, or check the website. To receive a pre-recorded phone call, please call Kayla Knight or Lindsay Lum at the church office (251-471-1511). 

Church Facilities and Operations

The church facility will remain open during regular business hours (8:00 AM-5:00 PM).

  • We recommend only coming to the church only if you have a meeting, program, or outreach ministry that is still planned to meet during this time.
  • The Dauphin Way Child Development Center will close March 18-April 6. The CDC Board of Directors will meet prior to April 6 to decide whether to resume normal activities or extend the hiatus.

Dauphin Way UMC will be limiting on-campus gatherings to no more than ten persons through the end of March.

  • Any off-campus event or program is temporarily suspended.
  • We encourage small groups and supper clubs to practice social distancing during this time. 

All entrances to Dauphin Way UMC will remain locked except for the parking lot entrance to The Gathering Place.

  • We ask that before you come in the building that you use the men’s and women’s restrooms at the entrance to The Gathering Place to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds.
  • Participants at any on-campus program will be required to receive a temporal thermometer temperature check before entering the building.
  • This is to ensure no one unknowingly participates in a program with a fever.
  • Regularly scheduled volunteers, such as Meals on Wheels participants and Backpack Ministry participants are asked to please check your temperature before coming on-campus.

Staff Hours

  • Staff member’s working hours/availability will vary over the coming weeks to allow for the changing needs of our church. Changing needs in relation to family and child care may require some staff to work from home.
  • Hourly and salaried employees who have symptoms that may be related to the coronavirus should contact their supervisor immediately and remain at home. Supervisors have discretion to offer full pay during absences (in an amount not to exceed budgeted hours) without deducting from the employees PTO. We do not want fear of lost pay to be a reason that someone brings the coronavirus to work.
  • Program Staff will maintain adjusted office hours conducive to their life-circumstance and be present for ministries which they supervise.
  • Program staff will meet daily at 9:00 to assess the needs of the church and respond appropriately. After meeting urgent needs, we will place a special emphasis on the use of streaming video and the creation of at-home resources for household prayer and spiritual formation.
  • Administrative and Support Staff will maintain regular office hours conducive to their life-circumstance in coordination with their supervisor. 


  • Administrative Committees with fewer than 10 people in attendance may still meet.
  • Administrative Committees of more than 10 people, including the Church Council, should use other means of communication to conduct their business until further notice.
  • Our staff are currently reviewing several options for conference calls and videos.