Our Discernment Team

  • Clergy:
    • Kathy Jorgensen, Pastor of Spiritual Direction
    • Woods Lisenby, Executive Pastor
    • Michael Precht, Senior Pastor
  • Laity:
    • CJ Angelette
    • Reid Harvey
    • Don Kidd
    • Caroline McCarthy
    • Parks Moore
    • Vanessa Reyner
    • Betty Stone

Our Discernment Timeline:

*Note: This timeline is slightly amended since the original announcement video.



In March of 2022, Dauphin Way’s Church Council called for a “Process Team” of 5-7 people to design the process by which Dauphin Way United Methodist Church can discern God’s call for Dauphin Way as the United Methodist Church continues to work out its disagreements regarding homosexuality.

Our Nominations Committee invited 7 lay members of high character, deep wisdom, and trusted faith to join the Process Team. All seven individuals accepted: Rev. Michael Precht (Senior Pastor), Mark Davidson, (Lay Leader) Karen Anne Beville, Richard Byrd, David Peeler, Elizabeth Percy, Vanessa Reyner, and William Terry.

The Process Team prayed daily at 9 AM for our church, and met every two weeks so that they could answer 6 questions about how Dauphin Way can discern God’s calling for our church. The Process Team did not make any recommendation about our denominational future – instead the Process Team recommended how all of us as a church can discern God’s call together. All recommendations from the Process Team required the approval of the Church Council.

The Process Team was asked to address (at minimum) the following questions:

  • When should Dauphin Way expect a proposal for our denominational future?
  • What kind of learning, listening, and small group feedback should shape that proposal before it is finalized?
  • Who will prepare the final proposal?
  • Is there a need for an outside facilitator to assist in any portion of the process?
  • What training is needed for those who will lead this process?
  • What is an appropriate timeline for communicating any information the congregation needs to know?